Tips for finding a missing cat

If your cat has gone missing and you don’t know what to do follow these tips


  • Check the house thoroughly. They may have found a new, cosy place to hide or they may not be feeling well or been hurt and have found a quiet place to sleep.
  • Check garages, sheds or outbuildings that have doors. Even if you don’t recall going in the shed it’s worth checking. Check dustbins, water butts, compost bins and outside storage boxes.
  • Visit neighbours either side of you, across the road and in close proximity to your garden. Ask if you can check sheds/garages as your cat may continue to hide if a stranger starts calling for them.
  • Studies show the majority of found cats are very close to home so search the local area. Take a torch, even in daylight, to check dark corners and under bushes. Take along their favourite treat and rattle the tin/packet frequently. Call your cat in your normal voice and listen to see if there is any response.
  • If your cat uses a litter tray place it outside. Alternatively, the contents of your hoover, the cats bed or some unwashed socks put in a sheltered corner are good alternatives. Cats have a very strong sense of smell so can follow a scent back to your garden.
  • Go out in the neighbourhood when it is very quiet; the early hours of the morning are ideal. Calmly call your cats name and quietly rattle the treat tin.
  • If your cat is microchipped contact the microchip company and register them as missing. If you have changed your contact details ensure they are updated on the database as a matter of urgency.
  • Find a recent photo of your cat – particularly one that shows distinguishing features. Collars may have become lost so don’t rely on an identity tag being seen. Write down all relevant details and contact all of the following:
    • Local vets
    • Local animal homing charities
    • Local newspaper & local magazines
    • Social media residents group pages and lost/found animal pages
    • Lost pet databases: AnimalSearch, Pets Reunited, CatLost are examples
  • Make posters – include a large clear, recent photo and a couple of smaller photos showing different angles. If you don’t want to list your own phone number you are very welcome to use the Toe Beans mobile number; just let us know you are doing this. Put the posters up in the local area and post through the letterboxes of nearby streets. Toe Beans can help with producing posters so please get in touch if you need help. You can also contact Doxdirect for free posters.
  • If you have recently moved you should extend the search to your previous home as well. Ask old neighbours to keep an eye out and tell the new owners.

Our last tip for finding a lost cat is don’t give up!